Art of Kuaiban Performance 快板表演

Art of Kuaiban Performance 快板表演

Jan Walls, Professor Emeritus at Simon Fraser University, has cherished a strong attachment to Chinese traditional art of Kuaiban performance, a special storytelling accompanied by the rattling of bamboo clappers.

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Art of Cheung Hon Kit (English Sub - Best to view in HD Full Screen)


集雅齋 (2019年7月24日至27日,29日)
上環 皇后大道中183號 中遠大廈46樓

Tsi Ya Chai Gallery (2019 July 24-27, 29)
183 Queen's Road Central, COSCO Tower 46/F, Sheung Wan

Timelapse Photography 30國縮時攝影

Magical Europe - 4K Timelapse 歐洲30國縮時攝影

一對台灣夫婦帶小孩, 三年之內陸續去了30 個歐洲國家,飛越了60 次的航程,拍攝了約1000 個以上縮時攝影素材,20 萬張照片,存了超過 20TB 的影像容量,在此挑選了其中 84 個片段,濃縮製作了4 分鐘的縮時攝影影片.

A pair of Taiwanese couples with children, went to 30 European countries in three years, flew over 60 voyages, took more than 1,000 time-lapse photography materials, 200,000 photos, and stored more than 20TB of image capacity. Eight of these clips were selected here, and a 4-minute time-lapse photography film was produced in a concentrated manner.

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