Stunning Sand Art 日本河豚魚

 日本河豚魚 Puffer Fish Constructs A Masterpiece of Love - BBC Earth

To attract a female fish, the Japanese Puffer fish will work 24 hours a day, for an entire week in a row, to create the most stunning sand art.

This most incredible video from BBC Earth gives us glorious look at nature and fish in particularly. After watching this video, people will hopefully look differently on fishes and treat them more kindly.

為了吸引雌魚,日本河豚魚會每天 24 小時工作,連續一周,創造出最令人驚嘆的沙畫藝術。

這段來自 BBC Earth 的最令人難以置信的視頻讓我們特別欣賞了自然和魚類。看完這個視頻後,希望人們對魚會有不同的看法,對它們更友善。