Pied Peacock 孔雀

Pied Peacock 孔雀

PEAFOWL native to the jungles of India and Sri Lanka, have for centuries led a semi - domesticated existence in parks and gardens of the world. Peacocks use their beautiful tail feathers to attract the females (peahens) in breeding season. They actually can seem somewhat vain and proud of how they look to the 'ladies'. They raise and fan the feathers out, prance and strut while intermittently shaking their wing and tail feathers rapidly which make a loud rustling sound as they pose and show off their striking plumage. Generally the males and females lead separate lives. In the breeding season however, the males are polygamous, and mate with four or five females each breeding season. Although they are ground - living birds, they flap up into trees or other roosting spots off the ground away from predators.

PIED PEACOCK appear like regular india blues, except that they are speckled and splotched with white. Exceptional birds will have white on their backs and in their train.

Filmed at the beautiful ALLENDALE GARDENS...EDITH CREEK ~ on TASMANIA'S North West Coast - on the edge of The Tarkine

孔雀原產於印度和斯里蘭卡的叢林,數百年來領導一個半 - 在公園和世界花園馴化存在。孔雀用自己的美麗的尾羽來吸引繁殖季節的雌性(雌孔雀)。他們居然能似乎有點虛榮,他們如何看向'女士們'感到驕傲。他們提出和風扇羽毛出來,騰躍和支柱,同時間歇搖晃他們迅速機翼和機尾的羽毛,使一個響亮的沙沙的聲音,因為他們姿勢和炫耀自己的羽毛驚人。一般來說,男性和女性分別引領生活。然而,在繁殖季節,雄性花心,並用四個或五個女性每個繁殖季節交配。雖然他們是地面 - 生活的鳥類,它們扇動成樹或其他棲息點離地面天敵的路程。

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